Televangelist fraud alarm: Peter Popoff is popping off again

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Denominational Fun, On Your Wall, Testify
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There are news items that should serve as writing on the wall because it’s alarming, scary to Christians and makes the Church look bad. Then there are actual people that should be forced to stand on the Wall… for eh, target practice. Their actions are reprehensible. Their intent is sacrilege.

So it’s pleasant when items like this video show up on TV and bring a flaming peacock left without color.

Well, he’s baaaaack saints. Radio monitors during crusades, miracle water from his toilet and sorry television outreaches that make wise saints want to flush.

Get this disturbing story from some daily paper in Canada. Evidently the IRS didn’t turn on that pesky ankle monitor, and this slimy ‘preacher’… eh, Popoff found some well-intended but woefully under informed sheep to feast upon. Quoting his latest victim from the story:

Gurney was shocked when she learned the truth. “I just feel awful, I feel stupid,” she said. “I believe (in God), but I don’t need someone like him to take advantage of my faith and my beliefs.”

People like Popoff is why atheists are now forming churches. Ministries like this are why some folk give up on church. Pity. Meanwhile Jesus is faithfully waiting for someone to minister, faithful to witness and serious about the love of Christ to make a dent in the plaster of hate and deceit applied by these charlatans.

Well, since they are metaphorically on the Wall, I’ve only one comment: “Ready, aim…” Enjoy.

  1. Pamela says:

    He has been on the air probably for at least 10 years that I am aware of on The Word Network. I remember when I was pretty young, years before his exposure, I was on his mailing list. I immediately noticed after a few months that the ‘word from the Lord’ would include amounts that were slightly more than the previous gift. I quit supporting him. It was a good number of years before he was exposed by the Amazing Randi. I happened to watch the Tonight Show program with Johnny Carson. I thought then it was sad that a magician was able to expose him when the church was clueless.

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