Proof that soaring gas prices is from the devil

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Above the Fold, Networking, Politics
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Marquees are geniusIt’s affecting houses of worship [he says with tongue firmly planted in cheek].

Of course, the little church on the corner is dealing with energy prices. And smaller ministries are suffering because of being pinched at the grocery store. Mosques and synagogues are having issues with multiple services or prayer meetings as well.

However, megachurches (and well regarded ones) are speaking out as well.

This story from the Los Angeles Times interviews Tommy Barnett, pastor of First Assembly of God in Phoenix, 250 other ministries and the amazing Dream Center in South Central L.A.

The problem [these ridiculous gas prices that no one in Congress is doing anything about – editor’s note] is affecting even the holy business, driving down attendance at churches, synagogues and mosques. Religious leaders are struggling to help their members cope, spinning new themes about a society that has become almost sinfully reliant on motorized transport. Others are viewing the energy-price squeeze as a test of the way they serve God and their communities.

Pastor Matthew Barnett is spending nearly $11,000 a week to power a fleet of aging trucks and buses that ferry members to his megachurch at the historic Angelus Temple in Echo Park.

OK, that number alone should shut up every ecumenically-savvy believer who says that preachers should take a vow of poverty. That 11 large is feeding people, clothing people and supporting the lost. What are you doing? Answer me that, and then get back to me. On with the story.

So, Pastor Barnett could do many other things with that money and you know, in business terms, turn a profit. Think he cares? Think again.

“I know a lot of churches that are folding up their bus ministries, but when you’re called to do God’s work, you have to weather the hard times,” Barnett said. “The way to impact a community is to keep showing up and being consistent. We have to be a positive force, and there’s no amount that gas prices can go up to that will stop that.”

That – in a word – is real! This is what God called us all to do. Do your part, and pray for those that are doing what you can’t. While we are all prostrate begging for Congress to get their thumb out of… er, unite and help this nation with energy, let’s all remember the local and national churches that need relief as well.

  1. hiscrivener says:

    Personally, I think we should all forward this post to everyone. No, not for the self-serving reasons you think (although that would be nice as well). These tips are sweet. With my machine burning more oil than gas, this is refreshing.

    Keep it comin’, Chris.

  2. Chris says:

    Pretty funny pic…the things you see on church signs.

    Using these simple tips I have been able to go from 25mpg on my 2003 Saturn Vue SUV to 30-32mpg over the last few months.

    1. Change your air filter.

    2. Check for gas tank leaks.

    3. Use the correct seasonal tires.

    4. Inflate your tires properly (usually 35psi).

    5. Clear out your trunk.

    6. Fill up when it is cool outside.

    7. Drive a light-colored car.

    8. Park in the shade.

    9. Don’t top off your gas – it will spill.

    10. Tighten your gas cap.

    11. Use correct fuel grade for your car – check the owner’s manual.

    12. Limit air conditioner use.

    13. Roll up windows on the freeway.

    14. Avoid roof hauls.

    15. Don’t idle in the morning.

    16. Turn off air conditioner, radio, and other electronics when you start your car/truck.

    17. Plan your route away from traffic jams and construction.

    18. Go the speed limit – driving at 70mph uses 20% more gas than 55mph.

    19. Drive evenly on the gas pedal.

    20. Avoid sudden stops.

    21. Avoid idling while driving – 1 hour of idling will burn a gallon of gas.

    22. Only use the right foot on the pedals.

    23. Don’t weave in and out of traffic.

    24. Accelerate before you go up a hill instead of on it.

    25. Check local gas stations for discount days.

    26. Fill up 3 days before holidays.

    27. Fill up on near empty.

    28. Look for member benefits – usually offer $0.03 off per gallon or more.

    29. Look for credit card discounts.

    30. Use public transportation whenever possible.


  3. Josh Maxwell says:

    Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  4. atomcat says:

    Part of the ‘Green Movement Agenda’ is to be rid of the Christian faith. One world religion and one world govt. is the aim.

    Read Agenda 21. You will understand the high fuel prices, food prices,bad education etc.

    Google Al Gore,Enron and Maurice Strong.

    The truth is easy to find, unless you watch TV and read newspapers.

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