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Abe would be proudA couple of months ago, we posted an odd story on the Wall about this crazy saint… er, eccentric saved dude who was petitioning his local court to change his name.

It’s not like his parents were children of the 60s and named him “Peace pipe Smith” or something like “Armstice Treaty Johnson”. No, his name WAS Steve.

Unfortunately, Steve-o thought that first name and his surname was a lil’ too Daedalian. So, he decides “In God” would be a catchy first name and “We Trust” makes a great last name. Well, according to this story from AP, he got his wish from some circuit judge who apparently was hopped up on Quaaludes.

Um, quick question… what about the children? Is ‘Steve’ going to get PC and not want to offend and rename the kiddos “In Buddha”, “In Vishnu” and “In Mephistopheles.” Man, grade school is going to be interesting for Mr. Wetrust. But then again, he can just push them together and claim he’s of Germanic heritage or something. Good conversation starter at parties.

You know what they say, “A penny for your thoughts.”