The apocalypse is here… and past. Now what?

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, On Your Wall
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Apocalypse NowThe birds are flying overhead (or are those helicopters?) The buzz is on the streets. And the crates of water at the grocery store have been emptied.

That’s what happens when panic strikes and the price of bomb shelters go up in the marketplace.

Yeah, the Wall has been graffiti laden with Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins and his third failed attempt to predict God ringing the bell on the Church and Jesus returning to take us up, caught away and back home.

Well, June 12 was his magic day and guess what? Not so much, Billy Boy and even ABC News is talking about it.

Now, we have seen several things out of you recently:

  1. You are indeed a false profit… er, prophet.
  2. This proselytizing farce was nothing but a rouse for a multi-level marketing scam.
  3. Don’t worry about your watch stopping. Even your watch is correct twice a day. Maybe you mistook those hands sticking together as a sign from God, but hey, look at the bright side. You can always mark your calendar for this fall. I hear your bigamy charges are up for trial then. Good on ya.
  4. Most importantly, William. Your 15 minutes are up. God, he’s all yours.

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