President Bush demotes the Pope

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Above the Fold, Good for a Giggle, Politics
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Foreign relations in action

So, anyone knows during year seven of any two-term presidency is widely regaled as “mailing it in.” However, let’s not forget Catholicism 101 there, Mr. President. Etiquette is key with the job of maintaining foreign relations, sir.

He’s affable. He’s saved. He’s a country boy. But yeah, he’s also known for a few flubs now and then.

Take this story from the New York Times.

Here’s our President, the U.S. diplomat for all foreign heads-of-state, so you would think he – and HIS STAFF – would know the names, titles and authority of those to whom he is speaking. So, he’s on a Roman jaunt with B16 here, and out comes some familial poke:

“Your eminence, you’re looking good,” Mr. Bush said, the A.P. reported.

Without going into world history and mad stereotypes, safe to assume that Germans are known to have a short fuse. Mr. President, before his fancy schmancy name change to Benedict XVI, the man you complemented that crafty part in his hair used to be known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Get that, used to be known as CARDINAL.

So, suffice to say, I love what Patrick Lyons with the NYT said here:

In any case, the pope evidently did not succumb today to any temptation to respond to Mr. Bush’s errant greeting with a hearty “So are you, Governor.”

On behalf of bloggers everywhere, regardless of niche, “President Bush, we will all miss you.”

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