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Tim Russert. RIP. I know, I know. This is “The Writing on the Wall,” a blog dedicated to revealing news about the Church for what it really is, and God wants us to really respond to it.

However, rules were meant to be broken… er, bended, albeit slightly.

This prince of pundits and king among journalists was loved and regarded among all media sources. Note when he passed unexpectedly and unfortunately yesterday afternoon and the collective obituary that ensued.

ALL NATIONAL NEWS SOURCES broke news patterns to discuss Russert’s life ad-nauseum. Even at 3 a.m., Keith Olbermann was discussing Russert’s famed love for baseball. Ironic, coming from the former ESPN legend.

Even the competition reported about him, note the great Charles Gibson:

Larry King, and his amazing quote to being this eulogy:

Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace discuss Russert’s greatness in the news and on the ratings:

This array of sentiment, across company and competitor lines, is – in a word – respect.

Russert was amazing. His love for politics, family and life was noted in the media and respected among his peers. And if you want a tie-in to the Church for sake of this hallowed blog, then read this story from the Catholic News Service.

This native son of Buffalo has dominated Google searches, and rightly so. 95 percent of the Hill had “Meet the Press” set on their DVR, closet political hacks (like yours truly) fed off his table like manna and no ONE in the business had a bad thing to say about NBC’s Washington Bureau Chief.

And no one in the media has ever been able to say that. Tim Russert. Legend. RIP.

Apocalypse NowThe birds are flying overhead (or are those helicopters?) The buzz is on the streets. And the crates of water at the grocery store have been emptied.

That’s what happens when panic strikes and the price of bomb shelters go up in the marketplace.

Yeah, the Wall has been graffiti laden with Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins and his third failed attempt to predict God ringing the bell on the Church and Jesus returning to take us up, caught away and back home.

Well, June 12 was his magic day and guess what? Not so much, Billy Boy and even ABC News is talking about it.

Now, we have seen several things out of you recently:

  1. You are indeed a false profit… er, prophet.
  2. This proselytizing farce was nothing but a rouse for a multi-level marketing scam.
  3. Don’t worry about your watch stopping. Even your watch is correct twice a day. Maybe you mistook those hands sticking together as a sign from God, but hey, look at the bright side. You can always mark your calendar for this fall. I hear your bigamy charges are up for trial then. Good on ya.
  4. Most importantly, William. Your 15 minutes are up. God, he’s all yours.

Foreign relations in action

So, anyone knows during year seven of any two-term presidency is widely regaled as “mailing it in.” However, let’s not forget Catholicism 101 there, Mr. President. Etiquette is key with the job of maintaining foreign relations, sir.

He’s affable. He’s saved. He’s a country boy. But yeah, he’s also known for a few flubs now and then.

Take this story from the New York Times.

Here’s our President, the U.S. diplomat for all foreign heads-of-state, so you would think he – and HIS STAFF – would know the names, titles and authority of those to whom he is speaking. So, he’s on a Roman jaunt with B16 here, and out comes some familial poke:

“Your eminence, you’re looking good,” Mr. Bush said, the A.P. reported.

Without going into world history and mad stereotypes, safe to assume that Germans are known to have a short fuse. Mr. President, before his fancy schmancy name change to Benedict XVI, the man you complemented that crafty part in his hair used to be known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Get that, used to be known as CARDINAL.

So, suffice to say, I love what Patrick Lyons with the NYT said here:

In any case, the pope evidently did not succumb today to any temptation to respond to Mr. Bush’s errant greeting with a hearty “So are you, Governor.”

On behalf of bloggers everywhere, regardless of niche, “President Bush, we will all miss you.”

I heart HuckabeeHave you seen this story from the AP concerning former governor Mike Huckabee finally getting off the unemployment line?

Evidently, FOX News needs another talking head to bounce theories off Bill O’Reilly. So, they go out and throw some dollars in front of a preacher.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I would take the bait too. Who better to talk smack about this historic election than a man who was a part of it?

Now, it’s easy for those who voted for him or who live in Little Rock, Ark. to be altruistic and believe Huckabee took the gig to inform and educate the public about the presidential election.

Although admirable, let’s remember that he is BOTH a preacher AND a politician. He should have two sets of lips plastered across his grill.

Take this comment:

“I hope to bring the unique perspective from `inside the dragon’s belly’ as well as to try and speak for the millions of hardworking middle-class Americans who really do feel that their voices are not being heard,” Huckabee said in a statement released by his daughter, Sarah. “I saw that on the campaign trail and continue to see as I speak to groups of all kinds around the country as well as campaign for other candidates.”

That said, keep in mind Huckabee is on the short list for a Veep nod from McCain, which leaves HiScrivener to think, “I wonder if he is shilling for another job.” Come on, we all know if you work at a church, odds are you aren’t making a slaying on your 401K fund.

Good on ya’ Mike. Knock ’em dead come ratings season. I’m sure FOX will ‘heart Huckabee‘ as well.