Obama Jesus O’Rama: Hookin’ up with Christian leaders

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Networking, Politics
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Phase twoLast week, we posted about the fitful named “Operation Joshua Generation.”

After reading the story, Wall Watchers everywhere knew this was more than a focused outreach… it’s a mission.

One geared to not only let preachers across the country know they matter to this presidential candidate, but also to work around the [IRS and its religious tax-exempt law] system.

Check out the AP story here, including sound bites from Bishop T.D. Jakes and Rich Cizik. Now these are two powerful men, polar opposite on the theological scale but kismet matches on the love for Christ one.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a clearly transparent objective of his… but smart. Man, this is smart!

Too bad he’s not asking these preachers to get together and pray for the hose job Americans are getting at the pumps and the serious lack of consideration ANWR is receiving (or the fact foreign countries are drilling off the coast of Florida but um, the American government is not).

But hey, I’m just a guy shilling for employment at Exxon. What do I know?


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