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ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! PoliticsThis red blip on the conservative radar screen is about John McCain needing to light a fire under… well, himself. Says who? The voices of the Southern wilderness themselves. I know, if you bleed the color of your state, stories like these shouldn’t be allowed but hey, first Amendment and all.

So sit back, remove your subjectivity caps and enjoy this story from CBS News.

The absence [of John McCain at an annual SBC meeting] has some Southern Baptists wondering whether the Arizona senator wants their vote. Others are more sympathetic to a campaign still gearing up, a candidate not known for talking about his faith, and reticence McCain might feel over his recent rejection of two endorsements by high-profile, evangelical pastors.

Now, what is completely fighting against the SBC’ers leaking this sentiment out to the press (which McCain may have access to watching or hearing) is this note in the second paragraph. Oh sure, read the rest of the story, but this summarizes everything:

In interviews, Southern Baptist leaders and the rank-and-file said they were warily waiting for McCain to inspire them while acknowledging that they will vote for him anyway now that Sen. Barack Obama, far too liberal for most Southern Baptists, is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

If that’s the case, it reminds anyone of then presidential hopeful George W. Bush not campaigning in the proud state of Texas where he was governor. Why should he? You really think a bunch of rednecks and ultra-conservative folk would vote for a Clinton in the mid-90s? Um, no.

That said, SBC’ers need to wake up and play like the dates they want their sons to have – hard to get. Make him fight for your vote. The problem with riding the fence is chaffing. Make him feel the burn, folks. Deep down, McCain knows there is no way you vote for an almost zealous liberal like Obama. But for heaven’s sake, would you tease him a little bit to create a shred of doubt before you sound the trumpet at the polls in November?!

Amazing. One candidate has an operation of faith. The other NEEDS to operate on his own faith.

Phase twoLast week, we posted about the fitful named “Operation Joshua Generation.”

After reading the story, Wall Watchers everywhere knew this was more than a focused outreach… it’s a mission.

One geared to not only let preachers across the country know they matter to this presidential candidate, but also to work around the [IRS and its religious tax-exempt law] system.

Check out the AP story here, including sound bites from Bishop T.D. Jakes and Rich Cizik. Now these are two powerful men, polar opposite on the theological scale but kismet matches on the love for Christ one.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a clearly transparent objective of his… but smart. Man, this is smart!

Too bad he’s not asking these preachers to get together and pray for the hose job Americans are getting at the pumps and the serious lack of consideration ANWR is receiving (or the fact foreign countries are drilling off the coast of Florida but um, the American government is not).

But hey, I’m just a guy shilling for employment at Exxon. What do I know?

Well said in a church as wellAnd isn’t it ironic that a friggin’ PROFESSOR (you know, the PH.D. TYPE?) has concocted this [wink-wink] non-biased and completely objective prehensile piece of [bleep]… er, research.

For more, visit London, England and this story from The Register.

University of Ulster professor Richard Lynn, and his other two stooges, has controversially claimed that stupidity is causally linked to how likely people are to believe in God.

OK, look. I’ll make you a deal, ‘Professor’ Lynn. If this guy or that stinky guy was the focus of your study, I’ll admit that it seems the intelligence quotient of Christians is a tad lacking. That is a given only if you admit two things as an apparent atheist, theosophical humanist and a person flirting with delusions of grandeur:

  1. It’s ludicrous not to admit it takes faith to sit in a chair and somehow not use a little of that faith it will not break into five easy pieces once you sit your big tail in it.
  2. I just want to know what in the world do you say during those most intimate of moments? “Oh… oh… oh… yes… I’m… I’m not yet convinced of your existence!” Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, eh?