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MLM meets the ministryOK, OK. Maybe not. But according to this tool, Buffalo Bill Hawkins, whom we posted last week on the Wall, tomorrow looks like a cloudy day. And rightly so, because how else is the Lord going to spilt the eastern sky on a bright sunny day?

Hawkins, whose 15 minutes have included several national broadcast interviews and headlines in top papers, is hanging out in Abilene, Texas anxiously waiting for the threat of nuclear war either today or tomorrow.

I particularly adore this note in the story:

His followers are standing by with hundreds of truck trailers loaded with food and water on the group’s 44-acre compound in Abilene, Texas. However, don’t bother hiding in your nuclear bunkers just yet. Former members say they were required to buy doomsday food and supplies from Life Nutrition Products, a company which Hawkins personally owns.

And aside from being a quack, false prophet and overall not-so-beguiling dude, it seems this threat for life to end as we know it and Will Smith to film a harrowing sequel is nothing more than a pathetic excuse to shill for Amway products in yet another mulit-level marketing scam. And you wonder why Mary Kay consultants believe they have a bad name?!