John McCain disses Billy Graham

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Above the Fold, Networking, Politics
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Ready, set, hut... in Jesus' nameI think this would be under “How NOT to get voted for president.” John McCain has an issue of biblical proportions… possibly. Have you heard that he allegedly gave BILLY GRAHAM the Heisman?

It’s in this news blurb from FOX News.

You know, if this was a novel news topic surrounding John McCain – the Democratic Party’s best reason to be Republican – most voters wouldn’t blink. But when you consider his own preacher issues over the past few months, this stinks to… well, high heaven.

Any preacher except this one. Come on’ McCain. Hasn’t Rush talked to you yet about members of the famed ‘religious right’ that should be a must for your ever-growing rolodex?

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