Ministry defined: ‘Whatever it takes’

Posted: June 9, 2008 in Networking, On Your Wall, Testify
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Talk about not-so-great reincarnation

Talk about not-so-great reincarnation

Churches have used biker rallies and car washes, progressive dinners and bake sales for years. ‘Whatever it takes’ has been a mantra of the community church for decades.

Whatever it takes to reach the lost. Whatever it takes to feed the poor and shelter the homeless. And of course, whatever it takes to reach NASCAR fans and grease monkeys everywhere.

Um, what was that last part again?

Well, that’s what is happening in Kilgore, Texas, so says this interesting story from the Dallas Morning News.

The focal point of the ministry is a smoking hot 1976 Camaro with its newly installed 391-cubic-inch small-block Chevrolet stroker engine.

Tom Wills, a former dirt track racer, wants to use this community outreach and muscle car to share his faith. Meanwhile, the car is a ministry aimed at him, with some 25 friends helping Willis, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease, keep his fingernails dirty.

“I’m going to love it,” he said. “But my true desire for this car, upon completion, is to reach people for the Lord. There are a lot of muscle-heads in the world. With this, I will be able to minister to so many people that, without it, I wouldn’t get a chance to talk to.”

The moral of this story: the Gospel takes all kinds, all people to get the job done. Whatever it takes, indeed.


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