The Apocalypse is here: June 12

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, On Your Wall
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Bubbas of the ApocalypseMark your calendars. Jesus is coming back… thus saith this delusional nitwit, celebrated hick and hallowed false prophet from Abilene (Texas), “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins.

Now, I didn’t want to take from his dirty underlined collar, but uh… O’ Bill here is also facing several federal charges of bigamy. Good on ya’, Rev.

Get this:

In a book entitled “The Laws of Slavery and Marriage,” Hawkins wrote in 1994 that in the idea Yahweh marriage, “three (wives) are better than two, and two are better than one. In a situation where a family is made up of several women married to one man, EVERYONE in that family COULD BENEFIT in various ways.”

I’m sure he wrote that quoting P.T. Barnum with a dirty old man waggish grin.

“When the kingdom of Yahweh takes over, those that want to marry, you know, have an extended family of some kind, the bible doesn’t forbid it. But the laws of the land forbids it now, so we say we don’t do it,” he said in the “20/20” interview.

You get that? So, “we SAY we don’t do it.” Let’s teach adultery, falsehoods and how to be an overall leach. Nice. Where’s that line for the Hell Express start anyway. Looking at the calendar, the line needs to begin soon.

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