I wanna be like Jesus when I sober…eh, grow up

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall

When I grow up...You know, when someone is need of an authority complex, it’s usually good to act like a President or even a Messiah. However, MEMO to those in need of a monstrous pat on the back, do it with your clothes on.

Meet Richard Scott Odell of Birmingham, Ala.

Evidently, the spirits got the best of him as he traipsed butt-naked down the street claiming he was Jesus Christ. And when that didn’t work, he asserted he was George W. Bush.

Now, I have written my fair share of media statements and talking points in my time, but this is a sound bite for the ages:

“This guy must have been to quite a party or he is quite a party himself,” sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Randy Christian told The Birmingham News. “It isn’t everyday our deputies run into a naked man standing in the middle of the highway. I guess they have truly seen it all now, no pun intended.”

Look at this guy. There isn’t enough action on the streets protecting the community from evil. He has to get nice with a reporter just for kicks. Sweet.


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