Depoliticizing the Pulpit: Preachers are listening

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Politics, Testify
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As much as HiScrivener would love to say preachers, ministers, pastors and evangelists everywhere are reading what’s on the Wall about taking politics out of the pulpit, I can enjoy coincidences.

Take this telling article from the AP: “Black pastors careful in voicing support of Obama.” In summary, read the words of Rev. Jeffrey Bryan from New Jersey:

“It’s a historical time for black people. We cannot ignore what’s going on,” Bryan said. Yet, he added, “you can’t tell people who to vote for.”

Some Wall watchers PUH-LEASE send this post to him and give him much love for getting it. He’s so right. This election is tantamount to encapsulate how far this country has come since the treacherous times of the Civil Rights Movement. Historic? Indeed. Motivational? You bet. A tool for black pastors to instruct WHO to vote for? NO way.

Pride in culture and times set aside, that is STILL not your job nor your calling, Rev. Whatever. You may be a closet political hack, but share that vigor for your wife when you watch national news… like I do.

Now, get ready pastors, Obama is coming to a church near you. He ain’t stupid. His team will be knocking loudly on your door looking for a pulpit to proclaim his views on this country and what they mean to you. MEMO to preachers searching for that sweaty-palmed 15 minutes: Resist temptation.

You instruct your congregation on the issues. You can base them on culture, creed or even Christianity. But the only person we are told to follow is Christ. We are instructed to pray with supplication for direction on everything else. That includes our trek to the ballot box in November.


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