T.D. Jakes on Obama: “I have visible goose bumps”

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Inside 411, Networking, Politics, Testify
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Get ready, get ready, get readyBishop T.D. Jakes is an eloquent pastor, prolific speaker and a genuine human being (Trust me, I know from whence I write). That said, he wrote an introspective commentary for CNN last night as Sen. Barack Obama received the democratic nod for President of the United States, and it deserves a quick preamble.

This is – in a word – historic. King had a dream and Malcolm wanted to see it come to pass by “any means necessary.” Medgar Evers wanted black voices to count in an election and Fannie Lou Hamer was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Not even 50 years ago FROM TODAY were black people considered equal. Today, they have helped to put a man in the running for President of this country. All that said, when you go to the link or just read it on the Wall, consider this… Bishop Jakes is many things, tantamount to those, he is a proud black man himself.

Forget your apprehension about his political prowess and preference. This is a man that lived during the bus sit-ins, marches, riots and lynching. So, stifle your commentary, “Well, I suppose we know what party he is now” and just give him this moment – one as a boy sitting on a couch with his father, he never fathomed could become reality.

Take it away, Bishop Jakes…

Last night, I like most Americans of all stripes, watched with visible goose bumps as history was made. I sat with my 13-year-old son and looked from the screen to his eyes as Sen. Barack Obama became the first African American in history to lead a U.S. major-party ticket when he claimed the nomination for the Democratic Party for president of the United States.

I congratulate Sen. Obama on this historic accomplishment. I thank him for accepting the torch that was lit by our forefathers and proudly carrying it through the darkness of our struggles, trials and tribulations, bringing light and hope to a new generation, and for facing all those who said “No” and “You can’t win,” or “It will never happen,” and firmly, proudly, defiantly saying, “Yes I can!”

However, what I really hope people take away from that night is that this is not just a victory for African Americans, it is a victory for democracy that proves that our country provides possibilities for all people. It is also a sign that a metamorphosis is in progress. Today we saw that Americans respect experience, but are interested in change. I hope that we can somehow merge the best ideas of our differences and emerge with a president who epitomizes our highest and best ideals. While it remains unclear where we are going, last night proves that we as a people have moved beyond business as usual!

I congratulate not just Sen. Obama on his victory, but the country on this landmark event that has shattered a past all too often filled with reasons to separate US as opposed to A VOICE OF REASON to unite US. The victory cup does not rest on the shoulders of the senator alone, but to all those who have been able to lift the conversation from petty racism, antiquated cut-throat politics and fear-based campaigns to the larger issues of how we would like to see our country led into the future and ultimately how our country will be remembered.

As the days and discussions of this political season continue, it is my sincere hope and prayer that we do not sink back into the abyss of political pettiness that has plagued our country and our lives for so many years. I am grateful to Sen. Hillary Clinton for giving, through this campaign, a chance for my daughters to see that their femininity is not a liability. Today both my sons and daughters came to understand that their ethnicity isn’t viewed by progressive Americans as a limitation or a liability.

For me it was almost déjà vu as I sat with my son. I remembered a little over 40 years ago watching the famous King speech with my dad. Similarly, I watched with my youngest son last night as a historical moment unfolded. He and I saw the dreams of slaves come true as the sons of slaves and the slave owners clapped their hands in one progressive sweep. As I drifted into sleep, all I could see was the twinkle in my son’s eyes. His eyes were illuminated with possibilities, and his heart was filled with the potentials of what is attainable for qualified competent people of all types who prepare themselves intellectually and are well vested with a divine sensitivity to the “fierce urgency of now!”

Congratulations Sen. Obama.
Bishop TD Jakes
Senior Pastor
The Potter’s House

  1. hiscrivener says:

    For someone who has been sitting on her opinion, kudos. Usually, things bottled up like this spews all over the place and gets messy.

    Yours didn’t, and I’m glad you chose the Wall as your platform. Please stop by again.


  2. Denise Belton says:

    Ok…I have held my peace for sometime now regarding the emails and blogs that have been circulating about President Elect Obama! I have a few thing to say:

    1. I am a Born Again, Tongue Speaking, Holy Ghost Filled, Jesus Christ believing Christian.

    2. I voted for Bush the first time due to the persuasion of my religious circle ( what you all are experiencing) and I prayed about it the second time and felt led to change course after I saw how he manipulated Christians to move his agenda and which has divided this land to red and blue.

    3. I voted for Obama after I read his plan which has not changed one time since he had begun his uphill race to the White House. (Please take time to study it for yourself.)I do not believe in abortion, I do not believe in same sex marriage either. But, I also do not uphold evil doings and robbing from the poor to give to the rich in government or in Church!

    4. The fact of the matter is….Obama is now our President and we need to accept it!
    Instead of tearing down a person who is willing to take the dirty job of cleaning up the mistake we made (Choosing George Bush, who shows no signs of Christ’s Integrity!), we should as Christians, come together and pray for him and all our leaders. That is what Christ would have us to do! Obama has a enormous mess to clean up in Washington and it is going to take all of us working, praying and helping one another during these hard times. If you want to judge someone….judge yourselves! There are people living on the streets, people loosing their homes, people without jobs. What we are calling prophetic is actually pathetic!
    And by the way…we need CHANGE and I am not talking about our government… I am talking about the organized building which we call the “Church”.

    5. Please meditate on the following:

    The Word of God declares that Jesus Christ is the head over EVERY power and authority!

    Colossian 2:

    9 For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,

    10 and you have been given fullness in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority.

    We are to submit to rulers for the Lords sake!

    1 Peter 2:

    13 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority,

    14 or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right. 15 For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. 16 Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as servants of God. 17 Show proper respect to everyone: Love the brotherhood of believers, fear God, honor the king.

    God bless America and God bless His Church!

  3. […] Obama – Now, now. Before you shout to the heavens, “A-ha!” Steady. He speaks about what HiScrivener posted months ago in the shadow of his controversial editorial about having “visible goose bumps”. For […]

  4. […] Obama – Now, now. Before you shout to the heavens, “A-ha!” Steady. He speaks about what HiScrivener posted months ago in the shadow of his controversial editorial about having “visible goose bumps”. For […]

  5. hiscrivener says:

    Honestly, I think you are off base to presume through this statement he was endorsing the candidate. Instead, he was endorsing the man – regardless of Obama’s ideology and political propensities.

    Read elsewhere on the wall and you’ll note I don’t pull punches when it comes to the two-faced ways of ministers in the pulpit. They should ALL be above the bar. However, I read his childhood experiences in here, his knowledge of the racial tension in here and his memory of Dr. King proselytizing about some dream.

    When Barack Obama got inches closer to the White House, it was – as much as other folk don’t want to concede – a culmination of pain and the realization of that dream.

    Whether Bishop Jakes votes for a man that clearly could care less about many biblical ideas and dogmatic truths is up to him. As for this statement, I choose to believe it was a public sentiment about a private feeling.

  6. Dr. Ken Griffis - Th.D says:

    I am appalled that a man of such renown as Br. Jakes would give any endorsement to Mr. Obama in regards to where he stands onChristians and the Muslim factor of his beleifs, as quoted by himself as choosing muslim beliefs over all others if it came down to a choice.

    It is likened to someone supporting Atheistic views while preaching the Word of God. You can not do both without negating both in their message or clarity. To endorse Obama and then preach the Word of God as the Sovreign Authority on all matters is to give latitude to a few while all others must submit to the same preached Word.

    Abortion is denounced in the Bible, Chrisitanity is listed according to Paul as the only way to live a God filled life that Honors Christ as King and Lord of our lives. “Their is no other name under heaven by which men might be saved”. in short if you are a born again believer, Christ centered individual, filled with the Spirit of the Living God and you claim, live and practice the word of God, you cannot endorse a man whos beliefs are in so many ways contrary to these teachings of Christ.

    Obama himself was heard on national Television at a forum, to have said , “The sermon on the Mountain, by Jesus is not only improbable to live in this day and age, but that even the leaders of the Pentegon would find it useless” a blatant attack to the Words of our Lord Jesus.

    Finally it would seem if this is true of Br. Jakes and his full belief, then we who have supported and adheared to his ministry have really missed who is and what he is really all about. Jesus has been sacrificed at the expense of a mans pride in his color and history as to the History of the people of God and the Church of Acts moving forward into our Lords Kingdom.

    It is my sincere prayer that this understanding of what has been said by Br. Jakes is simply been misrepresented and if not that we ask ourselves and Br. Jakes Why has it chnaged now?

    Dr. Kenneth F. Griffis – Th.D

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