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That’s the problem with some great exploits the Church takes on – not enough support. Take ‘Bible Park USA‘ in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Evidently, it got the same love most crack houses get from addicts, “Hey! I will secretly go there – promise – but I just don’t want you as a neighbor. You understand, right?”

According to this recent story from the local paper, denizens of the metropolis voted a hearty “NO” to rezoning allowances for the sacred playgrounds. So, now Bible Park USA is suitably acting like Christ. Once thought dead, they are again walking… due South to Lebanon, Tenn for consideration.

All I have to say is if this place finally does open its mud-hut doors, they need THIS FITTING STORY as a Spindletop ride in there somewhere. (Get it? All this commotion and the floor drops out from the bottom of everyone. Too much of a reach?)

You know what baffles me the most about the Church today? It’s flexibility to adapt to trends and ability to make anything acceptable by adding Jesus to the mix.

Take the latest based on the MMA phenomenon: “Jesus Didn’t Tap

Now, I am an MMA freak – full disclosure. I love the non-scripted action in the octagon and hand-to-hand combat. Good thing the Von Erichs weren’t experts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I would have probably had my growth stunted from never getting my ‘blessed @$$urance’ off the couch. Good times.

OK, this is carnal violence, visceral to emote, as real as it gets… and a complete rush. Obviously, not something entirely Christian-centric, faith-based or ‘family-friendly’. So, how do pastors (mostly men) get by the MMA craze? Remove the desire to preach about men’s fellowship and simply enter a sermon about Jesus in the octagon, caught in a triangle choke or a kimora but being the King of Kings, he doesn’t tap out. Ooooo, I smell conviction.

It’s happened countless times before. I’m sure in one church or another, the Messiah:

  • was claimed to have loved disco because “He will survive”,
  • supported Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm because “the battle is the Lord’s”,
  • wasn’t a fan of 80s big hair because of what happened with Samson and all,
  • was a Michael Jackson fan because he is so ‘BAD’
  • and of course, bringin’ it home, Jesus Christ is our ‘American Idol’ (Rock me!)

But this is something else. I don’t think you will hear it on CCM radio (maybe the now nationally-syndicated Jesus Christ show) but perhaps this song will peak and plummet like most and I don’t have hear people laughing about it at work. Because, honestly, I just don’t have a good defense.

Yeah, I tapped. Nice, eh?

[AUG. 28 UPDATE: If you fancy a faith-based conversation on WWJD concerning MMA: visit the story on “M.M.A., U.F.C. AND G.O.D.” You may be interested. Peace.]

In a word, finally!

Say what you will about the ideology, theology and morality of those at YFZ Ranch, but what’s important is the rights of these children. Look at the picture… and, uh, ignore the lack of retro style and make up.

But Peaches & Herb were on to something when they penned these classic words, “Reunited and it feels so good.”

As Dr. Phil says consistently, “The children don’t have a voice.” In this case, they certainly did not. But thanks to a great big pair of scissors to cut through the red tape, their words have sound and – like it or not – they are home.

“It’s just [sic] great day,” said Nancy Dockstader, whose chin quivered and eyes filled with tears as she embraced her daughter, Amy, 9. “We’re so grateful.”

A stain on the annals of faith in this nation (because by and large, unsaved people don’t understand the difference), but God will use this to wake people up as well. Who knows, maybe this proud mama will realize home isn’t necessarily where you hang your hat, but rather where you hat is kept safe.

Now if only a prank phone call would come in to the Texas Rangers about the perverted men only. If only…

Well, that quip (as seen in this story in USA Today) from Marleigh Meisner of Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) should be refreshing for the parents at YFZ Ranch.

You see, their kids were stolen from their arms by Texas Rangers because of a prank phone call on April 3. And although the 1,700-acre ranch in Eldorado, Texas is chock full o’nuts and is dire need of a scourging, children need their parents. Do you think CPS has bothered to explain to those kids why Mommy isn’t around, but you can still talk to her on the phone?

Probably not. But hey kids, you have this nice roll of red tape to play with while you wait. Enjoy.