FLDS: YFZ families bound in red tape

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Politics
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Why me?Sounds like an abduction of sorts, doesn’t it? Well, it is.

Almost 500 kids – innocent, blameless children – are now held bound and gagged by a roll of good old fashioned red tape. Newest to the saga in Texas court is a halt from ONE judge to reunite these kids with their mothers. If these mothers have any hope to get their kids back, they have to march to the courthouse (with lawyers in-tow no doubt) and sign en-masse a new agreement.

So, let me get this straight: the Texas Supreme Court laid the smackdown on the federal raid of the YFZ Ranch and ruled the abduction… er, kidnapping… I mean, saving of those kids was performed without proper justification. However, until all the legal teams and its representation (the mothers) sing Kumbaya, there are no family reunion plans.

Pathetic. There is something to be said for what these mothers and children have dealt with SINCE the state got involved. Was there abuse inside the friendly combine of Warren Jeffs’ ranch? Without question. Are they brainwashed? Probably. Are some of the babies having babies? Sure. Is any of this mess their fault? Not a bit.

And all the while, the state government is stockpiling evidence against Jeffs by collecting his DNA (buried from the lead in the attached story). However, not one story has been posted, reported or placed on the Wall about the freakish disciples… er, men… nah, males inside the ranch that found something sexy about a 14-year old girl. Where are those legal matters? Hmmmm…

You know, when this is all settled, the mothers of those children may have grounds for an entirely new and entertaining legal battle. As the natives in N’awlins say, “Les bons temps rouler.” Yeah, that spells “Ka-ching” in any language.

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