Support the troops; Remove their faith. Huh?

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Legal Prejudice, Networking, Politics
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They need prayer too

Some stories found on the Wall are alarming because of its warning, others because of its sheer lunacy. Then there are stories like this one from Baghdad that make you pray for this country and hearken back to the days of our founding fathers.

Oh sure, I understand there are valid arguments that skew for this being a Christian nation, and other unfortunate ones that skew in a more humanist fashion. Nonetheless, the story of this soldier being removed from duty for witnessing is abysmal and melancholy.

A U.S. Marine in Iraq has been removed from duty amid complaints that he was handing out coins with Bible verses at an American checkpoint, the military said Thursday. A military spokesman said Iraqis in Falluja complained that the Marine was giving the coins, which were printed in Arabic, to people at an entry control point in Falluja.

It was coins sharing another point of view, not a full manifesto claiming a Jihad! Seriously. They overreact because some tool used the Qu’ran as ‘target practice’, so no sharing of religion whatsoever because we need to keep our contacts. You know, burning a bridge and all.

Here’s the question of the day: How do you think the Church will respond in defense of this bold soldier? Answer: They won’t.

Ironic, you know. Jesus Christ put the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet unity and solidarity is a foreign concept to most Christians. Causes don’t seem to be something that catches the Church’s attention (NOTE: THE Church, not YOUR church), unless it means a building fund or sending a local youth group to Mexico. Nothing wrong with those things, but let this happen to the Nation of Islam and see what kind of protest happens at the Pentagon.

If you ask me, this is something (even if it begins with this post) to send to friends, loved ones and um, pastors. We need to speak out for this soldier, because those men and women need all the support they can get… even if it comes for a trite verse from God’s book on a dirty, sand-ridden coin. Heck, take it as a dare. Prove me wrong… please?

  1. jonolan says:


    Do our soldiers have to follow the laws of the country there in?

    It’s an important question in this case because proselytizing – what you call witnessing – is a crime in Iraq. I believe it’s a capital offense.

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