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Deep in the heart...A couple of days ago, the Wall was schlacked with information about FLDS, the Texas supreme court ruling and those poor, unfortunate children stuck in the middle of cult brainwashing and uh, the 18th century.

Well, according to this story from the Austin American-Statesman, the 3rd Court of Appeals ordered more than 120 children, seized in April from the YFZ Ranch near Eldorado, to be returned to their parents… just not immediately. [sigh]

Lawyers for Child Protective Services asked the Supreme Court to do two things:

  1. Void the appeals court ruling.
  2. Issue an emergency stay delaying the family reunions until the Supreme Court rules.

That’s predictable… er…understandable because when the innocent lives of almost 500 children are held in the balance (who had absolutely no decision in the perversion of the fathers at YFZ or the delusions of Warren Jeffs), nothing says ‘compassion’ like struggling for the last cent in legal fees.