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FLDS families - not exactly the CleaversIn today’s episode of “As the Stomach Turns,” Warren Jeffs’ twisted, perverted sect gone terribly bad has another kink walloped in its armor.

According to this story from the AP, families with children seized from a polygamist sect’s ranch could flee Texas and out of state jurisdiction if an appeals court ruling is allowed to stand.”

Seriously, Sherlock? You needed Child Protective Services to tell you that? Let’s say I am one of those women locked up (unknowingly hostage because I’m brainwashed and all) at YFZ Ranch. You know… never cut my hair, wearing a tablecloth for evening wear and one of many betrothed to some toothless FLDS wonder named, “Brother Billy Joe Jim Bob.” I have ALL THAT working against me, nonetheless, I have three wonderful children.

Poor kidsTHEN, the Texas Rangers barges in the door, guns blazing, badges shining and I am separated from my children for weeks. Once I am reunited with my kids because of some whimsical clerical error, you don’t think I am packing up all of table napkins, yarn, sewing needles, my kids and heading for the hills? Think again!

Now, spare me (remember, I’m still that woman) the argument about ‘co-habitation’ vs. ‘spiritual marriage’ vs. ‘communal housing’ vs. WHATEVER. 68 the woman with Crystal Gayle’s hair. I’m out. Done. Peace.

Look here, fake phone call used as probable cause or not, the concern for the kids is NOT altruistic, it’s opportunistic – a means to a political end. That’s it. These kids are victimized… not by the mothers, but by the deranged freaks called “Daddy.” Leave the reunited mothers and children alone. Casually [cough] misplace the paperwork and let the kids grow up with their rightful mothers.

Now, that’s an “inconvenient truth” I can live with.

Go to jailIran is a country full of more than possible nuclear weapons and foreign dictators that look like they have rank food stuck in their beards, it’s chock full of Muslims.

In fact, it’s illegal to be anything else.

Yes, as in “against the law.”

According to this story from the Christian Post, 12 Christian converts from Islam were arrested in what appears to be part of a ‘crackdown’ on the country’s growing house church movement.

Iran is ranked third on Open Doors’ World Watch List for countries with the worst persecution of Christians. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom also lists Iran as a “Country of Particular Concern,” a label given to countries with the worst religious freedom abuses.

Now, that’s a distinction worth climbing the ladder.

I’m sorry, did the story really read, “crackdown”? As in, “these friggin’ Jesus freaks are having too much fun celebrating the risen Savior in the privacy of their own home, so we need to ensure all that fellowship mess is put to an end”? You mean, like that?

Stories like this make me more confident than ever one resolute conviction. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate one God, many gods or none at all. If you do so in this country, you are free to do it wherever you choose. That is true inalienable rights (thank you, Vets). And for anyone in their right mind to make light of that, should take time out of their piteous day to watch this excruciating video (found only on GodTube and the Wall).

Thank you, Jesus for the rights we have in this country. Now, if only the believers here (HiScrivener included) could be this devoted and committed to your cause, what a wonderful world this would be.

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