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Kill the Wabbit!Bet’cha didn’t know that one?

You may have grown up watching Warner Bros. cartoons. Your kids have seen “Space Jam.” But evidently, throughout the decades, Mr. “What’s up, Doc” was laying the groundwork for the worst advertising campaign in the history of the Church.

In a moniker, the Episcopalian Church (U.S. spin-off of the British Anglican practice) has daftly developed, “Get closer to God. Slice carrots.” Read it again. It doesn’t help. It’s just that harebrained (Yeah, pun intended. I’m here all week and twice on Sundays).

Did I miss something? There have been HiScrivener stays at Seminary, Church, on-air and my own prayer closet and I don’t believe this revelation of Vitamin C has ever thundered against my medulla. OH! I get it. Carrots will help your… wait for it… vision. (Man, I’m on fire today. Whew!)

That’s gotta be it. I have to believe the house that unveiled C.S. Lewis has a tad more intelligence and acuity for multimedia interest than this brilliance. You know, if the leaders of the Episcopal Church paid top dollar for this ballyhoo, I have dibs on sending these nimrods other e-mail campaigns for cash. Such as:

Thanks, Wall Watchers. Oh, and please pass this on to 13 of your closest friends or you’re just not cool.

Now, for your viewing edification. A stroll down Amnesia Lane.

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