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I'm a survivor... just not on Sundays…And the best part is that she is just too famous to do anything about it.

Look here, Mrs. Jay-Z. I thought you ‘were a survivor’?! What happened to all that woman-power? I understand not wanting to wake up early on a Sunday. I get that you backslid at a party the night before. But to claim your ego is too big…er… your fame won’t allow you to go to church is absurd.

I have been a part (through work or membership) of churches with famous people and noted folk who seem to enjoy their front-row pew without fear of the bum rush from adoring fans. You see, it’s called CHURCH, and according to the Bible, you need to get your tail there.

You can handle the onslaught the overbearing paparazzi, but a few cutsy saints with cell phones puts you over the top?! Great. Did I mention I have some land in Iraq to sell you?

If your pastor doesn’t have the authority to tell people to sit down and be quiet to enjoy why they REALLY showed up on a Sunday morning, then you got bigger issues than just having a nice voice. You need to find another church.

Let’s recap the largest state custody case in U.S. history:

  • This is a public abductionA perverted cult leader, and noted ‘husband’ of several underage girls, is sentenced 10 years to life in federal prison.
  • Texas Rangers get an alleged prank phone call from some chic claiming to be a skeered girl in the compound.
  • But that call was the proverbial straw as backs broke all across the Lone Star State. The YFZ compound was raided and 416 children were taken from their… rescued from the cult.
  • Numbers came out to show the twisted religion and perversion goings on inside the YFZ Ranch.

And now, we have THIS STORY.

Child advocates’ fears were realized when the near 500 kids were removed from the compound (good) and separated from their victimized mothers (bad) without proper evidence! While I am happy the children could be reunited with their mothers soon, has anyone bothered to notice nothing has been said about the freak men in that place?

That’s what’s missing from the Wall. Their lives should be ending soon for what they did to those little girls… in the name of God.