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That’s right, sports fans.

Evidently, according to Paula White in the attached video, Paul wasn’t a great preacher. Oh sure, he was a profound man of God working in miracles, but his preaching lacked because:

Paul preached for 24 hours… and if you can’t say ‘it’ in 30 minutes can’t preach well

Hi, Mr. Pot. It’s me, Ms. Kettle. I’m black and I want you to know that I haven’t preached in 30 minutes flat since I got in the ministry. Now here’s another:

He was a boring preacher because he never took homiletics or hermeneutics

Well, thank God she understands scripture so well, because her history recollection is a tad sparse. You see, ‘homilies’ weren’t delivered in the Eastern Orthodox Church or during Anglican communions until the 19th century, so in fact, she’s right. Paul may have missed that class in SEMINARY!

Additionally, about Paul falling asleep in said Bible School during Hermeneutics 101, here’s some manna for thought. The first writ to undergo an exegete was the Talmud, which until 70 AD was all ORAL. Considering Paul most likely died during Nero’s fiddle playing in Rome in 64-67 AD, I think Mr. ‘of Tarsus’ had a decent alibi for being tardy to class that day too.

This is truly Wall material, because if there is one thing Jesus probably isn’t hip about is some fake doctoral student preacher exclaiming the cat who wrote 2/3 of the New Testament would be a bore in Sunday school because he couldn’t get his whoop on.

P.S. Forward video to 1:45 for the questionable commentary

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Dateline: Hollywood

Well, it’s nice when notable people have a protege. Lead actors have understudies. Simon Cowell has every other smarmy Brit on reality television sitting in the judges’ panel. Oprah had Dr. Phil (and then the failed Tyra).

And now, according to this report by the Hollywood Reporter, Dr. Phil may have Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Jakes is definitely not a newbie when it comes to the talk show format. Years ago, TBN aired “The Potter’s Touch” in its original format as a ministerial-focused panel and then on to re-airing great messages. Although CBS and The Potter’s House couldn’t be reached for comment, this should be interesting.

The man is Midas. Hope he’s not wearing gloves… the world of ‘ratings’ is a cutthroat one to itself.

This awful story goes under the category of ‘not fair’ and ‘unexplainable’.

For all Steven Curtis Chapman has meant and offered the Body of Christ, I suggest the entire Church has a vigil for his family. Please pray for him and his family. As a proud parent to two lil’ Wall Watchers, I can’t even fathom what this feels like, but I understand.