You know God wants your attention when THIS happens

Posted: May 21, 2008 in IJS, On Your Wall
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Jesus wants youTwo New Zealanders – pilot Owen Wilson (no, not that guy) and his mate Grant Stubbs – were flying the hilly Pelorus Sound when their microlight ran out of fuel mid-flight. The men were panic-stricken. And as most people do in times of crisis, they quickly remembered people talking about that Jesus guy, and went to prayin’.

“Oh Lord, I’ll never do (enter your own expletive and sin here) again if you just get me out of here alive.”

Anyway, what happens next to them in this story is a thing of beauty.

My only comment is if these two guys don’t immediately head for a monastery or a seminary, I would run for cover the next time a lightning storm hits town. Those boys will get lit up like Christmas.

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