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Davey & Goliath creator (1918-2008)

Posted: May 20, 2008 in IJS

Davey & GoliathHis name was Richard Towne “Dick” Sutcliffe, and in ecumenical circles, he was the biggest name you never knew.

For nearly 20 years, he was a director of university relations for Southern Methodist University (P.R. guy… yeah, I love him). Prior to his stint with SMU, he was director of Lutheran radio and television ministry in NYC.

During his stay there, Sutcliffe had a quirky idea when he was approached by church leaders about using television to reach young people.

According to the attached obituary, he began working with the creators of the animated Gumby show. Mr. Sutcliffe led his team to develop a Sunday morning series that offered a simple message of faith “without being preachy.”

He succeeded. Who hasn’t watched this cartoon? Although as an adult, the antiquated movement and characterization seen on TBN today (Saturdays, 10:30 PT) almost seems eerie, it still brings back memories [cough] years ago.

Mr. Sutcliffe, 90, died May 11 at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas of complications from a stroke.

Dick Sutcliffe. Legend.