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Who shot who?Now that Mike Huckabee is no longer running for President, he is picking up his treasure chest and filling it up with royalties from speaking opportunities for the next four years.

This week, we find Ol’ Huck at the annual NRA convention in Louisville, KY. Considering he is an educated man – and a GODLY ONE too – one would think he would have consulted his history books (as well as the Spirit of God) for this little tryst in American history called, “The Civil Rights Movement.”

You see, as you will note in the video clip of the accompanying story, in the middle of Huckabee’s address, there was a loud noise backstage, to which he doltishly replies:

“That was Barack Obama, he just tripped off a chair, he’s getting ready to speak,” said the former Arkansas governor, to audience laughter. “Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

I’m sorry. This is a family forum and one that seeks the heart of the Lord, but what the…

Seriously? In the midst of the most historic presidential election of ever, a Christian and a former hopeful candidate (who understands a thing or two about security detail) thought he would pull a funny and offer humorous insight about the demise of Lincoln, Kennedy (both of them) and what narrowly escaped Reagan – a bullet aimed at this office.

But this lighthearted quip would be foreshadowing because you know there are some torpid, brain-dead lovers of guns that still consider the 3/5 Compromise a viable and valuable piece of legislation.

So, even though the NRA (which I support in premise by the way, in case you were trying to peg me party-wise… MEMO to those – stop trying and keep reading the wall, it’s the issues that matter) evidently thought this was good for a giggle, it wasn’t. And shame on those that did, including the speaker.

If any wall watcher has an ‘in’ to the former Governor, please send him this riveting video. Maybe after viewing it, he (and the hebetudinous patrons of the convention) will understand some things just ain’t funny.

But alas, as the Five Stairsteps brilliantly sing in this call to action, “Someday…”