B16: At least he’s firm on this gay marriage thingy

Posted: May 17, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, Politics
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Adam and SteveSo, the Pope has finally issued his press release about the state of California’s remarkable overturn of its 61% voter-approved gay marriage ban. In it, was a phrase that caught my obscured attention:

“The union of love, based on matrimony between a man and a woman, which makes up the family, represents a good for all society that can not be substituted by, confused with, or compared to other types of unions,” he said.

So far, so good, Pontiff…

The pope also spoke of the inalienable rights of the traditional family, “founded on matrimony between a man and a woman, to be the natural cradle of human life”.

Awww, he had me right until the end. You see, that word “in-alien-able” holds new meaning with Cardinal Ratzinger thanks largely to this post and story… what’s next? An extended family to include E.T., Predator, Alien Mother and maybe the robot from ‘Lost in Space’? Good times at Thanksgiving, that’s for sure.


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