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I'm just a billYeah, that’s right.

A bill involving the dreaded Holy Bible (cue scary music, anti Jesus folk) being offered as an elective in high schools has passed the Tennessee House and Senate legislative studies (unanimously) is on to Gov. Phil Bredesen’s desk.

If Gov. Bredesen signs the legislation, public schools will soon be required to offer bible as an elective course taught with an approved textbook. The Tennessee Department of Education would create a uniform bible curriculum.

This legislation does come with some safeguards. It prohibits the use of any religious test when assigning teachers to the bible class.

Who knows how long it will be until the ACLU gets a whiff of this local story, but if this makes it to law, what a lovely precedent this will be for biblical studies in school.

HiScrivener will definitely continue to follow this story.