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What they were looking forA while back, HiScrivener posted this about the noted “Evangelical Manifesto” making the rounds to every conservative AND liberal person of the cloth for support. Missing from the list was Billy Graham.

Well, the manifesto made it to the great evangelist’s desk and left without a signature.

But one of the manifesto’s authors, evangelical writer Os Guinness, says that doesn’t mean Graham disapproves of it. Guinness says Graham “welcomed” and “was deeply supportive” of the document declaring evangelicals’ identity and mission, but has only signed one document in the past — the 1974 Lausanne Covenant on world missions.

Can you blame him? He learned his lesson with marrying religion and politics during the “Tricky Dick” administration, and to his undying credit, has never made the same mistake again.

Oh well, onward and upward. Maybe the authors can get one of those memo pads, “From the desk of…” Stranger things have happened.

Protect the shepherds tooOften in churches and ministries, the pastor is untouchable. He has an entourage that follows him, but never leads or advises. Take Rev. Phillip Haltom, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Chicago.

Haltom dabbling in another old profession and what some priests have done to altar boys do have one thing in common – the leader of the church had no ACCOUNTABILITY.

Pastors and preachers think they are above keeping in check because they are so in-tune with the Holy Spirit. MEMO to big-headed shepherds everywhere: ANYONE can ignore the phone when it’s ringing, even you.

This must change if the Church has any future chance of penetrating stigma and promoting dogma.

Jesus Christ, himself, was accountable to the ‘sons of thunder‘ (i.e. Peter, James and John). His posse was a dozen, but his inner court was a trio. There is power in numbers, even if that power is keeping you out of trouble when temptation comes knocking on your door, Pastor.

Yesterday, a pioneer of Gospel music, Joyce “Dottie” Rambo, died in a bus crash in southwest Missouri according to this story and obituary from the Associated Press.

Rambo, 74, was en route to two churches in North Texas – Arlington Baptist and Fountain of Life – when the bus ran off the road and struck an embankment. Rambo was scheduled to perform in a Mother’s Day concert with Naomi Sego and Lulu Roman (yeah, the one from Hee-Haw).

It’s fitting, you know. The woman who published 2500 songs (including a sentimental favorite of My Fair Lady, “We Shall Behold Him”) and even had Dolly Parton cover HER songs, should meet the Lord on May 11. She was known to millions as “the mother of Southern Gospel.”

Dottie Rambo will be missed by many. In memoriam…