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Well, before the apple fell from the tree (allegorically speaking), man walked freely in the cool of the day… butt naked. And obviously, that’s what they may be thinking at the once reported, “Bible Park USA“.

As reported on the newest link of ‘The Writing on the Wall’, FAITH IN FOCUS, one of the major promoters to this family-friendly theme park has some adult theme ties of his own.

Stay tuned. It’s a roller coaster already.

Time magazine recently released its acclaimed “World’s Most Influential People.”

Three of the Top 100 are men of faith:

  1. Bartholomew I, the leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church & Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
  2. The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism
  3. Richard Cizik, leader of the government affairs officer for the National Association of Evangelicals, as well as a pioneer in environmentalism

This from the story:

Other religious leaders contributed to the list by writing profiles of those named in the “Time 100.” Dallas megachurch pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes profiled movie mogul Tyler Perry and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu profiled performer Peter Gabriel.

Most notably missing from this list is Joseph Ratzinger. You know, this guy!

Wheaton College, can you spell “L-E-G-A-L-I-S-M“?

Wheaton's ball and chainSure you can. You spelled it out clearly during your behind closed doors meeting with 20-year English professor, Kent Gramm, as you fired him.

Why? Embezzlement? Cold. Rocking the Mary Kay LeTourneau? Colder. No, Gramm was married to his bride for 20 years and had the unmitigated gall to do what more than 50 percent of the Body of Christ is currently doing.

Gramm got a divorce… and a pink slip. As noted here by ABC News.

Yeah, that’s fair. And good on the biblically-based institution (which should be well-versed in Jesus’ tenets of forgiveness, mercy, grace and healing) for just adding fuel to his personal fire.

Emma Van Hoozer, a 20-year-old junior theology major, said people’s personal lives need to be made public to keep them accountable.

“In our culture divorce doesn’t seem serious because we’re so used to seeing it, but when you read scripture, you realize we should be much more shocked. We should stop and realize its seriousness,” she said. “To be a Christian community, everything needs be public so we can be accountable to each other. The rule seems to be pretty fair because [Gramm] had the chance explain himself.”

Well, a couple of notes to you, O’ drinker of the juice, and whose closet of skeletons is certainly wide open for persecution and scrutiny:

  1. He shouldn’t have to ‘explain’ himself to anyone. This is terrible for anyone to go through, and for him to get slapped in the face with it is ridiculous.
  2. In Wheaton’s defense, they are ALLOWED to discriminate based on religion (take that, ACLU). However, this is a moral situation NOT a spiritual one.
  3. With all the national press and the tons of hate mail the school is getting, Wheaton may be checking the books for a loophole to offer Gramm his position back. You know, kinda like ask forgiveness. Ah, what a sacrosanct thing to do. Go figure!

Full Disclosure: I know him, love him, respect him… so there will be some bias.

But, he’s RIGHT ON, as noted in!

Old Time ReligionThink about this: Suicide bombers = Islam as KKK = Patriotism. An analogy that will make your head spin, right? It proves an adage, “One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.” ONE!

You can take one idiot doing something foolish, place those actions in front of someone with an ounce of prejudice [NOTE: hatred and disdain, not bigotry] and instantly, an entire group has been painted with a wicked brush.

The media is great at that. In an effort of being objective, they subject opinions all day long. Much has been done with the “Black Church” and Jeremiah Wright. Although a misnomer, the “black church” has been tainted and harmed by Wright’s mouth because no other [non-black] person has anything to bounce that from.

Take a quote from Bishop Jakes’ commentary:

“Many of us have worked with other organizations, different cultures and denominations believing that there is more to unite us than there is to divide us” … “My hope is that the church remains a vibrant part of our process, sounding the alarm that warns: America, please wake up out of our sleep!”

Although church and state are polarizing topics, they have something dreadfully in common – sheep. In other words, ignorant people that would rather be supported by a wishbone than a backbone! People, make up your own flippin’ mind! Learn to isolate circumstances and stop objectifying and generalizing because of the misguided, lunatic actions of a few. God’s people much deserve better than that.

If you got issues with Wright and Obama, visit here, here or here and learn about the real, glorious “black church” experience. Likewise, if you got issues with rednecks and bigotry, visit here, here or here and learn from your mistakes and see what love looks like. I visited or been a part of all of the aforementioned, and I turned out just fine! People, can’t we all just get along? Oy!

In God we TRUST... not God's folkWell, many pseudo-Christians looking to resurrect their careers deny it (i.e. Gary Busey, Axl Rose, Chyna), but when if they want to keep it real, (just as noted here), it’s “All about the Benjamins.”

FINALLY! Someone has just come out and said it. Enter acclaimed 80s rap group gone ‘Jesus Freak‘ Christian band, “DC TALK“.

Note this lovely ‘behind the veil’ story in

For 1000s of preachers, ministers, bands and artists, they would rather cash in souls, but for D.C. Talk, it’s about just cash. Note their quotes:

From Michael Tait:

“This is a great opportunity to energize our solo projects, if we can stand being on stage together for a little while,” he said by phone from a rest stop near Wichita. “It also wouldn’t hurt to goose back-catalog sales, ’cause I bought into this whole real estate boom thang.”

Yeah, that sounds like the mission field. How about from ‘front man’, Toby Mac:

“If Sting could tolerate Stewart [Copeland] for one more tour, I guess I can get along with these guys,” says Mac.

FYI – Sting left The Police for a GREAT solo career and the other guys didn’t do to shabby writing scores for Academy-award nominated movies. However, why the long-awaited reunion? Money.

SO, while DC Talk “guesses” they can get along for one more down-the-road, Body of Christ understand this one thing… this ain’t about the glory days (pun intended), playing their greatest hits for the fans or even serving the Lord. Folk gotta’ pay the bills. Enjoy the $75 cover charge, HiScrivener will keep with the CDs.