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Lovely comic

Michael Paul Williams, a columnist with the Richmond Times Dispatch, recently penned an article about this very issue. Although he has some salient points, I completely disagree that politicians should not avow to a certain dogmatic belief or religious way of life.

Yes, Bush’s affinity for the Middle East has been borderline shameful. Yes, Carter became a truly admirable person POST-White House. But, to Williams’ point:

If a politician is moral, ethical, competent and wise, why should we care whether he’s got religion or not?

Answer? OH YES! No kidding, I have known some moral, competent and wise avowed Satanists in my life [NOTE: Ethical was omitted on purpose]. You gonna tell me you don’t care what he – O’ Presidente of the Cloth – does by the light of a full moon in the Oval Office? Sure you would. After the recent imbroglio with FLDS, you think Mitt Romney would have a pleasant time at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave during press conferences? Probably not.

In conclusion, I – as well as most of the Body of Christ – don’t base my political fervor and familial safety on what Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and even Jeremiah Wright squawks about. However, when I know the man with the highest stress-laden job in the world has a foundation of faith, I sleep better.

I don’t know, call me old-fashioned, but when tension escalates between the U.S. and the rest… having the president being a swell guy doesn’t help my acne much.

In a word? YES.

Note Christian Life Center in Herrin, Ill., which actually canceled a service to help its community. It wasn’t a campaign on the prowl for news, nor was it picketing something for a cause. The 200-members of this church took to the streets for various and sundry tasks like re-roof houses and pick up trash, while others spent the day fishing with children from the Lighthouse Shelter.

I once heard a preacher say you can give the Bible arms and legs. This, Body, is how. Good on ya’ CLC for doing something “church unusual.”