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yeah, whateverOne focal point of this inspired blog is being a living epistle for the lost and those that just don’t want to be found.

It’s our responsibility. We invited Jesus into our hearts and should be proud. So a word to the not-so-wise, if you have the gall to ask someone about salvation, let’s make sure the Holy Spirit has a permanent residence inside your rib cage and isn’t just there as a freeloading relative that you want to kick out once the water bill gets here.

Take Allison Reed from Germantown, Tenn.

She was taking a speedy jaunt through town, ran a red light and unfortunately got a $50 ticket. Evidently, she didn’t take to kindly to this restitution and proceeds to e-mail several city officials and threatened to kidnap their children and destroy their city. Oh yeah… did I mention she also thought it crucial to note that she was a PROPHET OF GOD in those e-mails. Um, sorry, thought I forgot that part.

MEMO to Disillusioned Prophetess of the Underworld: This is what NOT to do to attract people to the Old Rugged Cross. Now, if you are planning to lure someone to an old, rugged cross street and plow them down with your beat-up Buick Skylark, you are right on-target. Good on ya’.

Who are you?If Muslims change their name after the pilgrimage to Mecca, what are Christians going to do to keep up with the Joneses?

Meet a well-meaning but utter nut job saint, Steve Kreuscher, who has a nifty idea. Start googling, sports fans. It’ll be the rage in naming your kids to combat the ACLU agenda.