Wright and Wrong: Do the right thing

Posted: May 2, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Politics, Testify
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Acclaimed director and creator of one of my Fave 5 of all time, Spike Lee, has FINALLY [as seen here] dipped his toe in the shallow end of Jeremiah Wright’s big mouth and onslaught of the Obama campaign.

Incidentally, amazing how one week you can be on record as calling someone a son, and the next, treat him like a redheaded stepchild with freckles and a bad case of gout.

In summary, Lee exclaimed about Wright:

“Jeremiah Wight needs to be quiet,” Lee said yesterday. “If he loves Obama he needs to shut up right now. It makes me question his motives for talking. I’m starting to wonder whether somebody has been contributing to the building funds of his church. Seriously.”

Spike, thank you for finally saying what needs to be said. It seems a good portion of black America has been applauding the wide chasm known as Rev. Wright’s mouth. I understand and appreciate the passion of which he speaks, but he needs to understand (since he is a theologian and all) a cutsy saying, “There is a time for everything.” Man, that would be a catchy song [cue harp music].

Memo to Jeremiah Wright: “Your 15 minutes NEED to be up.”

  1. huntingdonpost says:

    I’m not sure I get it. If Wright did not say anything wrong, why does he need to be quiet? Obama explained the context of Wright’s theology and sermons in his speech on race and tried to convince us that despite some things that sounded offensive, there was a context. I agreed with Obama about this. He convinced me, and I think he convinced a lot of other people. But now Wright says the very same things (they aren’t different things) and Obama denounces him, and now Spike Lee. It makes Obama look weak. I confess I was not an Obama supporter in the primary, but he’s not making me admire him by being disloyal to his friend.

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