Can’t we all just get along

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Networking, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Testify
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just cuteNow this is truly ‘writing on the wall‘: infighting among the flock. There’s nothing more appealing to hate-mongers, atheists, evangelical watchdogs or the ACLU than news like this.

You remember the plight of Juanita Bynum? Former noted evangelist gone battered wife, took a detour on Divorce Court and now trying to get people to remember the Bynum of old.

Now, she has to deal with this. Evidently, her raggedy husband who can’t keep his hands to himself, has written a book saying (what else) that he was the victim. Brother, are you serious? First, you were the poster boy of (made up, fyi) and now, you need to be the big boy, get your thumb out of your mouth, unload your hallelujah, bow-tied diapers and let it go.

I guess he is called an “e-STRANGE-d” husband for a reason. Strange, indeed.

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  2. […] for the other team”, adultery while in the pulpit, going to jail for a parking lot brawl, writing a book about all this tomfoolery, a disgruntled ex airing your dirty laundry on national TV and farce of a relationship; Mr. Weeks […]

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