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Some of Jesus’ most profound parables were simple in delivery but profound in meaning and message. Fast forward to today. If you need an example of WWJD, look no further than Baltimore.

Meet Sister Muriel Curran. Yeah, a nun… what of it?

This is a 78 year-old woman whose purse was snatched by some 22 year-old thug. (How bad do you want to get to hell anyway to rob a nun? For more examples, see here).

She was left laying on the street with with broken bones and deep bruises, unable to fully raise one arm and incapable of living on her own any longer. All that effort for $70… SEVENTY, THAT’S IT!

Yet, what does she do?

Ministers to everyone in the courtroom, teaching repentance and forgiveness, leaving everyone in tears. You can’t fake that kind of compassion for the Gospel. Either you live it, or you check it out on TBN hoping to get some on you.

Reading from a card, Sister Curran quoted a letter in the Bible from the Prophet Jeremiah: “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future full of hope.” Turning to face Dodson [the thug], she said, “That is my hope for you, Charles. I would like to give that to you.”

In a word? Amen!

For those of you who don’t have family that lived during WWII, today is a day on the Judaic calendar that should never be forgotten: Yom Hashoah.

Living with the reminder

What’s that? Holocaust Memorial Day. Before there was 9-11 or Memorial Day, there was Yom Hashoah, which has caused even Americans to pay attention and act in solidarity. Today, while rituals may have become lax and the Jewish population may have not placed it too highly on their own personal remembrance list (again, much like Americans and 9-11), the inherent and dreadful reason for this day still remains.

Between 1938 – 1945, SIX MILLION JEWS were murdered. Put that into comparison (numbers based on several sources):

  • Civil War: Approximately 800,000 killed
  • WWII: About 400,000 killed
  • WWI: Close to 120,000 killed
  • Vietnam: Nearly 60,000 killed
  • Iraq: More than 3,000 killed
  • 9-11: Just under 3,000 killed or missing

Those are the American lives we commemorate annually, but somehow, the Christians in this country forget about its 6,000,000 brethren whose lives were victim of genocide. Church, if we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and know that Israel is God’s chosen nation, let us all burn a candle and spend a moment to think of the brothers and sisters we never were given a chance to know.

Barukh ata Adonai Eloheinu. A-men.

just cuteNow this is truly ‘writing on the wall‘: infighting among the flock. There’s nothing more appealing to hate-mongers, atheists, evangelical watchdogs or the ACLU than news like this.

You remember the plight of Juanita Bynum? Former noted evangelist gone battered wife, took a detour on Divorce Court and now trying to get people to remember the Bynum of old.

Now, she has to deal with this. Evidently, her raggedy husband who can’t keep his hands to himself, has written a book saying (what else) that he was the victim. Brother, are you serious? First, you were the poster boy of (made up, fyi) and now, you need to be the big boy, get your thumb out of your mouth, unload your hallelujah, bow-tied diapers and let it go.

I guess he is called an “e-STRANGE-d” husband for a reason. Strange, indeed.

So, there’s this story hailing from San Antonio, Texas.

No loveA 15 year-old girl was in one of those bebe kids [pronouced bay-bay] boot camps, and as the story goes, she was allegedly flailing on the ground like a fish out of the bowl so she wouldn’t have to do her exercises. In a concentrated effort to stick a boot in her camp, the director and his 21 year-old assistant tied a rope to said bebe kid’s waist and the other end to a bumper of a van, and then proceeded to take her for a drag…er…walk.

So, what’s the ‘writing on the wall‘? This deed of encouragement was done by a pastor and the name of the camp is ‘Love Demonstrated Ministries.’ Seriously? Tying a girl to the back of a van is God’s love demonstrated? I would hate to see their concoction of God not having a good day. Geesh.

What many people thinkWhen are people in the national news – whether on the camera or in it – going to learn, unless you have a direct relationship with Jesus, to keep the hermeneutics to people that have at least highlighted one verse in their own Bible?

Take FOX News’ Major Garrett.

Now I understand his editors have their chosen candidate (John Mc…COUGH…sorry), but let’s not throw Obama under the bus like this. Namely when you are, in the words of the great Harry Doyle, “jussssssst a bit outside.”

Major, I realize FOX (or CNN, MSNBC or CNBC) have someone with a Jesus beat, so allow me to take you to church or cathechism. The ‘Golden Rule’ is in fact, rooted in scripture. And although Jesus never called this presumed rule ‘golden’, the pontiff (Pope Leo XIII to be exact) did. In case, you think that verse in Matthew’s gospel is taken too literally, meet the doctor of the dynamic dozen, Luke. IJS.