RE: FLDS – Inside the numbers…

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, Testify
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Great! Just what America needed. More abhorrent numbers from the YFZ dystopia in Eldorado, TX:

  • There was a miscalculation. 416 was the incorrect number of children. Yeah, it was 4-6-3!
  • Of the many babies taken…er…rescued, there were 53 teen girls (ages 14-17).
  • [And here’s the headline]: Of those 53, 31 WAS PREGNANT OR ALREADY WITH CHILD!

So, for the severely mentally ill-equipped, here is HiScrivener‘s definition of a cult: (n.) – a secret religious system giving some utter freak total veneration by a bunch of people that should know better, but have too low of an esteem to know the difference. In other words, a vulture who preys upon the insecurities of others, calls it religion for his own kicks and then passes it off as dogma.

What does this perversion have to do with religious belief and worship anyway? It just goes to show, some people are so thirsty for a drink from the river of the Holy Spirit, they will sip anything that comes close as long they are promised it’s OK. Church, we gots some prayin’ to do… for real!

  1. […] Numbers came out to show the twisted religion and perversion goings on inside the YFZ Ranch. […]

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