Difference between Wright and Wrong

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Above the Fold, IJS, Politics
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Dear Rev. Wright,

Your theosophical rant at the National Press Club and expository musing at the Detroit NAACP were exclamatory, incendiary and above all, ambulatory. After you sprinkled D.C. and Detroit with your kerosene, someone should have called 911 for the very man you lit on fire. You know? The one you consider ‘like a son,’ Barack Obama.

You are a preacher, called of God to corral your flock and minister to the hurting. You are not a politician (your words), called to feed the angry, misguided and the press flammable sound bites like this one or even this one.

In other words, go back to church and let Barack Obama attempt to salvage what’s left of his reputation and campaign. These words are not penned out of frustration for a selected candidate, but rather written out of frustration from what I presumed a pastor, a Shepard was supposed to act like.

You see, despite what you have read in the paper, your legacy is not in question. You are a great man of the pulpit, but when pablum becomes partisan, it’s persecutory (see, you aren’t the only one that can do that).

Preachers should not be telling the flock WHO to vote for, because that is always subjective, never accurate. God’s leaders should be informing his children WHY to vote and allow the ration and reason of the Bible be our guide, not your best impression of the Pied Piper.

Do us all a favor. Save the ballyhoo for the people that need it most – the lost. With your contagious energy, they could surely use it.

Love always,


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