Nancy Pelosi sleeps through church

Posted: April 26, 2008 in Politics, Spin Doctor
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Wake up. Pastor's talking. Now that I have your attention, you hear about the U.S. Speaker’s quoted ecumenical faux pas? Evidently, revisionist history isn’t enough for Madame Foot-in-Mouth, she has to break out with a song and dance around the Old Testament totally faking it all the way.

Are you serious? Do these ‘erudite’ staffers (because you know she didn’t write this speech) jack up Churchill, Gandhi or note MLK quotes? NO! But it’s OK to add a subset to HOLY SCRIPTURE? Yeah, not so much, so says this John guy I look forward to meeting some day.

  1. […] Punch” of ABC News notoriety (and one of my personal faves). Evidently, there’s another scriptural faux pas as Barack Obama has seemed to find a way on Dr. James Dobson’s evangelical and political […]

  2. […] to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi: You’re not blaming someone for farting, this is holy scripture you flubbed. So, when called about it, you blame – who else – your priest. See, even HE thinks that is […]

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