The spirit of hip-hop

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Above the Fold, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor, Testify
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Jesus, hip-hop and prayerBorrowing the title from CNN, which recently did a quick vignette on this topic, this is something that requires objective understanding rather than subjective emotion. Music is intimate with people. Their tunage is a way of life, but there is so much more than the melody… it’s the message.

What Corey Condrey is doing here is ministry, no question. However, at the risk of being hypocritical, examine the fruit of your labor. Preaching the word of God? Yes. Full of the Holy Spirit? Yes. Advocating rap artists preaching God and Jesus on one hand and calling women names and celebrating pimp-dom and slinging drugs on the other? You can’t have it both ways, brother.

I understand more than most hip-hop is more than a form of music, it’s culture – one that is partly reflective of the world in it and indignant of the world around it. However, these double-minded, two-faced artists that rap about drugs, pimpin’, shooting guns and killing cops that write their lyrics without remorse and then get that award and thank God has got to stop.

Corey, if you want to create fruit from your ministry, start there. Otherwise, the 1000s of disciples you are proselytizing will never grow spiritually. They will continue to make excuses for their idols, instead of using Christ as their standard.

There are plenty of commercial hip-hop artists doing amazing things for the community (i.e. KRS-One, Common) and some are even doing it in the name of Jesus (i.e. Lauryn Hill, Rev. Run and Mase). Yes, we all make mistakes – even it involves gunfire. But to do it repeatedly and then escalate is not repentance, it’s acceptance. That is where Corey should draw a line and kill the spotlight.

The music is great, but the message is where souls are won… or lost.

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  2. Kiy says:

    I think that Cory “Coco Brother” Condrey is doing exactly what he should be doing–and just like Jesus did–taking the Gospel to the people who need it the most. If Jesus only took the Gospel to “certain” areas or preached it to “certain” people, there would be no salvation, grace or mercy for sinners.

  3. hiscrivener says:

    Ozlem, I wish I spoke the language, but praise the Lord anyway! Thanks for the response. Tell your friends.

  4. özlem says:

    hässlichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hammerhard hässlich olm 🙂 baaaa irenccc lann

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