Jesus hits the campaign trail

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Networking, Politics, Testify
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No parties for Jesus, just parishionersObama, Clinton or McCain? That’s the $64K question? It may go up to $128K if you are saved.

People of faith have one opinion, and that’s usually based on how their parents voted or what (or whose) propaganda got a hold of them first. But for true Christ-following people, what do you do? Well, one organization thinks they got an answer to that. Meet HWJV: How Would Jesus Vote.

This organization created by D.C.’s Advance Church and Georgia’s Wellington Boone Ministries (most notable for his excellent work with Promise Keepers) is geared to answering that interesting question. Good on them!

Christians, listen. Just because you are politically pinned as “republican” doesn’t mean you’re necessarily “conservative”. Did you know that? Consider Jesus’ day. You think talking about the dead rising (including himself) was a “conservative” ideology. Not so much. I would say that swayed a tad liberal.

We, as a collective group of believers, need to vote ISSUES. Not what CNN or FOX advises. Not what your straight-ticket voting buddies do. What is truly best for our country is God’s interest because that means his children will be best positioned for success and blessing. Or perhaps if we get the worst person for the job, it will force us all to pray more for the sovereignty of this nation. IJS.

BTW, the HWJV tour kicks off in June. For more information, here’s the story.

  1. scratchatary says:

    Ok, I like your outline. I’m not a Repuplican, but if you guys are going with the issues I say keep on with the campaign. People need to hear all of the issues to make an informative choice. God Bless you.

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