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Posted: April 20, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, On Your Wall, Politics, Spin Doctor
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Students getting the right ideaLast we chatted about John Freshwater, he was being hammered by the ACLU and thrown under the bus by the Mount Vernon School District for having a Bible on his desk, which he had proudly displayed for 20 years in his own classroom.

In an act of serendipity and solidarity, Freshwater’s middle school class decided to show support for their teacher by bringing Bibles to class and placing them on their desks and wearing shirts proclaiming faith.

So, from what was probably some nut job with an anti-God weed calling the school to the ACLU getting involved to now what has become a national news story, we have this enlightening quote from the school superintendent Stephen Short.

“Friday’s action hasn’t caused any major disruption.”

If that bit of luminosity is what you call spin control, I have some sweet real estate in the Mojave Desert to talk to you about purchasing. “Major disruption”? You have a mutiny of 6th graders and the national media camped out on every corner. No, Stevie, no major disruption to the regular flow of school in the booming metropolis of Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Keep up the fight, John. The Body has got your back!


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