I want your text

Posted: April 20, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, Inside 411, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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Phone testifyingIf you are outside of Detroit, you may not know about Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. This is a maverick guy with big ideas. Nice guy too. His mother is a legacy in Motown as well. He was moving and shaking in Motor City when he increased his minutes with his cellular provider, as well as his text messaging. 14,000, to be exact.

That is what he shared with his then Chief of Staff Christine Beatty in 2002. Of course, they weren’t of a business nature so his term in office has now been scathed. Oh yeah, and he lied about it under oath. The story is here.

A few months later, we are informed with Kilpatrick’s trek into self-retrospection and a walk down amnesia lane in a church. That background is important because of this quote: Kilpatrick told the crowd: “I’m not being whupped by the devil; I am being punished by my God. I know that my disobedience put me in the situation I am in.”

A few things about this:

  1. No. Don’t get it twisted. You are being beat down by Mephistopheles.
  2. Why would God punish you? Your name is not the aforementioned Mephisto. He loves you, but you turned your back. Once you get your head out of your nasty text messages and whatever other sin that has your judgment clouded, you’ll find God is still on the throne and Jesus never moved. You did.
  3. Call it what it is. Your “disobedience” had a little to do with it. The fact that you can’t get this sinful nature under wraps (literally) has a lot more to do with it.

Although this is a great sound bite for the media to run into the ground, God’s people should do their own clarification when stuff like this comes out. God doesn’t punish. He doesn’t mame. He doesn’t ignore. He simply allows our choices to put us in situations that he will later get us out of anyway. He is righteous and merciful. And regardless if you are jonesin’ for late night text messages or lied about a score on a test, the Spirit of God is able to strengthen you, comfort you and give you peace.

Oh yeah, and Mayor, cancel your cell phone. You probably don’t need the temptation. IJS.


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