Stare at the dots for 30 seconds and look at a white wall. Boo!SIGH! Is there any God-fearing, Bible-reading, Psalm-singing, Jesus-breathing Christian out there that sees or hears these stories and thinks the person in the story just didn’t have gas?!

From an etching in a tree to a strained refraction in a window, there are stories like these that pop up every few months. What gets me is almost every one are in small towns, become national phenomenons and fade in the wilderness (after 1000s of people pay to drive through the neighborhood). The news picks them up because it’s nice for “human interest” but please… Body, are we so desperate to touch the hem of his garment that we are willing to cover ourselves in anything that we can recycle on eBay?

See, CNN, FOX or MSNBC don’t get the leads about a burning bush, they get some sweet lady that believed Mary wanted to talk to her through a flippin’ watermelon. Note to desperate believers and those of you that need Jesus: the son of God (nor the spirit of his mother) is planning to use any frequent flyer miles to give you a shout out in a cloud, a hamburger or a piece of lint you picked up in your drier. If you want to get close to God, get close to his word, his people and his spirit.

Save the sightings in the media for UFOs and Bigfoot.

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