Business + Jesus = True Non-Profit (Apparently)

Posted: April 18, 2008 in Above the Fold, Networking, OMG!, On Your Wall, Spin Doctor, WWJD
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WWJD meets Pepsi25 years of philanthropic outreach, social consciousness and providing for needy families wasn’t quite enough of a mission for the Jesus House of Hope, a West Palm Beach charity. So, to better enhance its vision and expand its outreach, the ‘house’ has decided there is no room at the inn.

That’s right. They are dropping ‘Jesus’ out of its name, as seen by this story on WPTV Channel 5.

Sorry? A charity, whose domain has the Savior’s name in it, feels the earnest need to excommunicate Jesus from its brand. Times have changed, donations have dropped and God’s son gets the blame.

“The name we discovered, we recognized, finally acknowledged that it does get in the way,” [Patrick Slattery, executive director] says. Nice. It’s bad enough God already has the ACLU, Capitol Hill, charlatans in the pulpit and deplorable witnesses to get in the way. Now, his Son’s name has to mess things up too?

Well, that’s great. Let’s all worship some guy named Dave to keep it generic and have keg night every Sunday, you know, so we can ensure we are inviting to all people and not have the tithe affected. Depressing, and I suppose that ironic justice because this is what Jesus House of Hope is without Jesus. Simply depressing.


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