Yeah, it’s a stretch – and for those not up-to-date on Yiddish, here is the pun.El Al needs to make an el ask

So, there is this Jewish gentlemen, orthodox no less, getting ready for United Airlines flight from JFK. Everyone is fastening seat belts and putting their chairs in the upright position when ‘Passenger 57‘ is noticed missing. Bathroom? Nope. He was hanging out in the back praying, refused to get back in his seat so was escorted off the plane by security.

Now, I am typically the first (and one of the loudest) to shout about faith-based bigotry, but not so much here. Yentl should have paid attention to his watch and realized that YHWH can hear your prayer in the comfort of your business class seat.

I understand in fundamental Jewish theosophy, one shouldn’t cease prayers… but then again, understand in post 9-11 aviation, one should get his tokhes in the ticketed seat or risk being considered a terrorist.

In conclusion, regardless of the faith or denomination, legalism is never a good thing. Consider your location and position, our witness is always more important than your faith. Imagine what other passengers felt about him as he was dragged off the plane.

“Oh man, I need to hit the Temple as soon as I land.” Um, not so much.


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