August 2006, Warren Jeffs – someone kooky enough to be compared with Koresh, Jones and Manson – was taken away in chains. Last year, he was sentenced. Last week, 416 children were taken away in custody from “Yearning for Zion” death camp in Eldorado, making it the largest state custody case in Texas history.

Question? On what charge? Underage kids didn’t commit the crime… they were the victims. And now, they are being held in yet another seemingly death camp while the authorities await the enigmatic 16-year old girl that called to initiate the raid in the first place.

Thank God the children were rescued, but to be placed in the South Texas version of Guantanamo is a bit extreme for 10 year-olds who haven’t mastered brushing their teeth with running water.

Polygamy? Yeah, it’s wrong and shameful. But so is unlawful imprisonment. IJS.

  1. […] let me get this straight: the Texas Supreme Court laid the smackdown on the federal raid of the YFZ Ranch and ruled the abduction… er, kidnapping… I mean, saving of those kids was performed […]

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