New Sequel: “Coming to America – The Pope Cometh”

Posted: April 12, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Networking
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Pope Benedict XVI - Ladies and gentlemen, pack your rosaries, holy water and Sunday’s best, because guess who’s coming to dinner? The man whose approval rating quadruples the President – Joseph Alois Ratzinger, otherwise known as Pope Benedict XVI. (Check the AP story here).

Americans everywhere are planning their own Mecca pilgrimage to Washington D.C. and New York City, and even plotting a few confessionals in order to do so.

What a fun-filled week he has planned – he will miss a dinner given in his honor, hold holy mass in both D.C. and NYC (and no, he’s not throwing out the first pitch), keynote the United Nations and oh yeah, make it to Burger King for his 81st birthday. OK, maybe not, the cute plastic crown probably won’t fit over the Papal Tiara.

Sure, the protesters are coming and people hoping to relive Sinead O’Connor blasphemous SNL appearance (no link necessary), but this is a must-see. This isn’t a rock tour… he’s the POPE! None of us walking are perfect, but when you can live a life as sanctimonious as the Bishop of Rome, gleaning from his experience is definitely worth the price of admission.

Again, “The Writing on the Wall” is a forum for Jesus sans denominational obstacles. Faith is faith, regardless of the habit it comes in. And pearls of wisdom from the Pope is something to capture. God bless those that actually attend, but if not, there’s always live 24/7 coverage on cable. Welcome to the U.S., birthday boy!

For more information, jump here.


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