I have played three presidents, two saints and two genuises – that’s enough for any man

– Charlton Heston

Moses or HestonIt’s official. A man known largely for being a Roman chariot racer, a leader of half-grown monkeys, the last man on the earth (yeah, it wasn’t Will Smith) and the leader of God’s chosen nation, has left us in a cloud of glory. Charlton Heston, 83, died last weekend of Alzheimer’s and the media obituary abounds.

His Shakespearean-trained, gravely voice will be missed, but in case you need a refresher, buy this. Heston was truly a renaissance man. On one hand, he portrayed El Cid and marched arm-in-arm with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King in protest – of the theater premiering his own movie. On the other hand, he further cemented his place in my Dad’s heart as a gun-totin’ man’s man, president of the NRA.

Not a better man has done more in Hollywood and received less acclaim for how he was able to bridge the gap of humanity and get both “sides” talking to one another. Why? Because he was there. Regardless the argument, he was there. Kinda’ reminds you of someone, eh?


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