Leaving the other light on for ya’

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Legal Prejudice, Networking
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Bibles removed from hotels in place of interior designTravelers for the past 100 years have been able to nestle their head on a rough, germ-infested pillow waiting for that big meeting knowing a nice respite awaits as they can curl up with the Good Book. Not so fast.

Forget a “Sign of the Times” (due respect to Bob James), this story from Newsweek is a trend that gives me the bends.

You mean to tell me we are so P.C. and marketing-centric, that we have to remove Bibles to make space for iPods?

I understand adding to the sententious collection of the Bible with a Quran and whatever Buddha inspired, but to remove all them together?

What’s the use? There aren’t enough tortured souls filling high-priced hotels across the country, so let’s just remove all temptation from looting the mini-bar?! Or maybe because the maids are removing the enigmatic cash from those treasured nightstand books? (Don’t act like you haven’t looked.)

Regardless the cause, the Church should be alarmed about the effect. The Bible should not become a by-product of Feng Shui. So the next time you are in your chosen abode on the road, march to the front desk and ask for your copy. Never mind if you have one in your carry-on, ask anyway.


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