“His Scrivener” Hits the Blogosphere

Posted: April 10, 2008 in Inside 411

The Writing on the Wall

The phrase “the writing on the wall” has routinely been used to discuss a casual string of events on the horizon or illustrate a day of reckoning looming, but it began as a biblical prophecy – Daniel 5:1-30. After this ancient writ was placed on the king’s wall by some old guy’s withered hand, it was thought to discuss money, “MENE, MENE, TEKEL and UPHARSIN.”

As we later read in the chapter, not so much. That disconnect is largely the inspiration for this forum.

There are many events in the news that touch on the church page. Whether that contact is obvious (i.e. Barack Obama’s pastor or Mike Huckabee being one) or more innocuous to the average Christian (i.e. rabbis and pastors just not getting along and the 21st century version of the “10 Commandments”); there are usually biblical or church implications anyone can glean.

But are you looking at the simple writing on the wall, like Belshazzar, or a bit deeper in the ink where more of the meaning lies? It’s time the Church wakes up and learns what is really on the news and how we – as a body of believers – can grow from it.

That is our quest, and regardless of denomination or affiliation, faith or focus, all of these stories will impact you spiritually and challenge you in ways you may not have considered before.

Happy Trails from “His Scrivener” (defined as “God’s Scribe” and written affectionately as “HiScrivener”)

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